Chuck Norris...

…is a columnist! (and impossible to kill)

Fucken C grade actor, conservative redneck clown.
he shoulda done porn, his acting was so wooden.
Probably end up as presidential candidate one day.

Apparently one of the guys from 2 live crew is also a conservative columnist in the states

No way (shakes head).

Next thing you’re gonna tell me is that Cat Stevens is a muslim.

ive heard this too…

Napalm Death - C.S. (Conservative Shithead) - YouTube

chuck norris is a braindead, bottom-feeding shitsack.

It is in fact Luke Syywalker
Luke’s Gospel - Miami - Miami New Times

i love the fact as soon as i click on that chuck norris link i get an advert for dick cheneys book, norris is almost as much of an ass clown as david hasselhoff and those annoying facts things are the only thing keeping him from pulling a david carradine in his closet.