Cinelli #1 stem - 99c start

80mm Steel Cinelli Milano Quill Stem, vintage road or track chrome | eBay

Anyone looking for one of these?

Glad he put that 5c coin there, I thought I was looking at a table leg.

If you ride an 80mm stem, you’re not pro and the frame is obviously too big for you

What about a little lad or lady that still wants 700c wheels?

My wife rides a 53cm square frame with a 90mm stem and risers. She’s not pro (or a pro).

I ride a 90mm stem and risers on my MTB … not a pro either :frowning:

We’re talking roadie here DICE.

Would work nicely with a setback seatpost though.


You’ll find all seatposts from that Cinelli stem era are setback, as they should be on a roadie.

If you’re reading this forum…you’re not pro.

I just learnt via cyclingtips twitter that rocking a saddle bag is pro. How about that? I now have to completely rethink my bike.

What else can you enlighten us with?

Seatpost options perhaps?

thomson make a nice setback post, i hear