cinelli laser fork


what makes this a laser fork? a quick google image search reveals many different styles, but didn’t see any with that particular lug detail? and no panto either?

I call bullshit. A quick image search showed forks that looked a lot more MAX-ish. Looks like any other track for with a Cinelli decal.

But really, what do I know?

to my eye/limited knowledge it also seems similar to a few njs forks?

It also looks similar to the khs flite forks no?

yep. at best it’s a supercorsa pista fork. at worst it’s just some random thing with a cinelli sticker on it.
but hey, can’t hate the playa for putting unrelated words in his description.

Yep, pretty much if not exactly the same as my KHS forks.

It’s a generic fork that shoots lasers…with a Cinelli sticker.