Cinelli Lazer tandem track

Vintage Cinelli Laser Track Tandem Campagnolo | eBay


I don’t know what to say…

Only 19,000 eurows

Holy Ravioli batman!

I found our new bike.

Nah, it’s only 19 with a lot of decimals.

Double skid…!!!

Might have a go at this.

Damn. Lopro is the only box this hasn’t got ticked.

My daughter can move out of the cargo bike box and join me on this

Sweet baby jesus.

whoaa :cool:

Does this have some kind of strange coaster system or am i just failing to see where the brakes are?

^ It’s a track bike. Eg; NOBR AKES

so hot.

Whats the contraption linking the stem to the forks? Is that to keep the bars/wheel pretty much straight forward the whole time?

^ It’s for added strength as the front rider usually is right over the front wheel.
older Stayers (with the flipped forks) and some TT frames have them… They may even have them on the saddle to TT.

Sozza but i actually wasn’t trolling, I assumed all tandems were for da road.

Watch and be amazed.
1982 World Track Championships Tandem sprint early round - YouTube

I couldn’t help myself.

Tandem crash.avi - YouTube

^ Faaarrrk! He did such a great job of holding it upright for so long, too…