Cinelli Lazer - The King

Cinelli Laser Road Time Trial 1986 Vintage | eBay

Any guess what this will go for?
Would you ride it or hang it on the wall?


I purchased this bike in Milan, Italy in May of 1986 at the Cinelli factory showroom. Several measurements were taken, and options discussed thru an interpretor.
Purchase price was 4,000,000.00 Lira plus freight and VAT.
I had previously seen the Track version at the '84 Olympic games at the Velodrome in LA. and I knew I had to get one for myself.

Begs the question- why the hell would you sell it??

This bike =

this thing would look siqq with some BMX bars!!!

good advice from the osteo?

gimme gimme gimme… i would ride the shit out of that.

Hmmmm… At first glance this looks a big drop, but i dont think its much different from riding drops on a traditionally fitted roadie. Im not a fan of those bars. But yeah, that bike is pretty great.

So nice im guessing about a zillion dollars going by that moser’s price.

I’ll pass the hat around - then it can be a FOA Share bike?

All I ask is I get to take some happy snaps.

$1000 buy in.

or you could buy it, and put it up as a prize for next year’s melburn roubaix.

you can still take happy snaps this way.

$16,600! Wow