Cinelli Mash eBay Melbourne (Macleod)

Hey all…

Pretty sure I’ve picked the right thread location, apologies if I am incorrect

I’m tracking a Cinelli Mash that was on the bay a few weeks back, it was located in Macleod hence pickup was available in that location.

Positive it was a 55cm, but i may be mistaken

Anyway, if anyone knows who held this auction, can you please kindly put me in touch with this person.

Kind regards

0402 751 208


45 views and no comments?

Come on guys, this can’t have gone by unnoticed…

Someone knows something…

I know nothing, sorry. I have viewed the thread twice though, so you can account for 2 of the 45 views right there.

Ha ha

All good man, 10 of these views are probs me checking back

Have you tried thT site google
Try googling cinelli mash eBay and only in the last month it’s the top of the list I’d post a link but on my phone and can’t

have you tried ebay completed listings?

How about you give us a spiel as to why you are looking for these details. Was it stolen? We all might be a bit more empathetic then.

I should have mentioned in the Initial post that yes I have tried both the completed listings and Google, to no avail.
From memory it was possibly mid to late February, which I assume may put it beyond the 1 month referred to by another member.As far as empathy goes, I am chasing either a MASH frame or VIGORELLI frame as mine was recently damaged beyond repair in the January floods.If anyone knows someone related to this listing or perhaps someone who is looking to offload a MASH or VIGORELLI frame in 55/56cm I am very keen to speak to such an individual

This is the weirdest thread ever.

Here you go, here are some Cinelli frames.

wasn’t user GOOSE importing these? maybe try him?

Oh right, thanks I hadn’t noticed those. If people post in the WTB threads are they immediately met with links to brand new products?

I think not, because like lost people and say, I don’t know, myself, they are probably interested in canvassing the second hand market

@ rolly, cheers, Goose is exhausted, we’ve done business already.

Hope those china white B43’s are still treating you well

never even used them!! frame i had for them snapped and they didn’t suit the new build.

sold em ages ago to “lshaw”, who, now that i think about it, hasn’t been seen on here in quite some time…

Maybe. I guess it would depend if their thread was totally fucking vague and didn’t really contain any real pointed information at all.

Pull your fucking head in. If your aim is to find a second-hand Cinelli MASH or Vigorelli frame, then how about making a wanted thread with relevant information such as budget, instead of some wild eBay goose chase.

yep, i’m with ryan. this is now a “wanted” thread. pls repost in appropriate section.