Cinelli Milano track stem


Old mate must be high asking some of those prices.

If that sells, I’m taking mine off my bike IMMEDIATELY and selling it.

Thats a Cinelli 3A track stem. Its in original condition which is good.

They are worth good money. Like anything you just gotta find the right person.

I paid $500 for my Cinelli 14’s + Cinelli 3A and they are both re-chromed.

All Cinelli steel stuff is worth big money. I sold my steel badged 1A on ebay australia last week for $459.

What condition is your in Sime? Model? and what length?

Mines in good condition, bit of patina, OG shaft bolt is rounded (I beleive that guys bolt in the above listing isn’t original as it is an allen key bolt?)
pretty sure mine is 120mm length.

exactly the same as the top Stem in this image. Pretty certain it is a #2 Pista

sell it, quite fucking ugly in my opinion.

Plenty off info here is you haven’t already seen it Sime.

I got recessed Hex bolts in mine. i got a set of originals aswell, just haven’t had them chromed yet. i will eventually.