Cinelli Pista Bars and Roval Track/Road Wheels

henrilc357 | eBay

These wheels would be perfect for Dubrats Carbon vitus,
You don’t see many track rovals in good condition.

Maybe better for his Alu weight weenie roadie - they’re road wheels.

Btw, I find it hard to believe the rear is a 40h. Roval used to do odd spoke counts like 30h rear’s (20 x drivesdie, 10 x non-drive). Maybe worth asking the seller to count again so to be sure.

pretty sure the seller is HLC =D

and i count 30 on the rear.

can we get a weight on them HLC?

Yep, I cant count, Spiz is correct, 20 on DS, 10 on DS, 20+10 = 40 obviously ha ha.

Rear is 30 spoke, i’ll update the listing. Happy to pull things early if offers are made!

Front wheel with Skewer and Tub glued = 1170 grams

Rear wheel with Skewer/Sprocket and Tub = 1345 grams

If I had the $'s I’d be all over the Roval’s.

When they came out there was nothing like them, years ahead of their time and still high zoot today. Current manufacturers are marketing man things Roval were doing more than 30 years ago.

At what point did they stop making wheels,
and is it the same company that specialized now own as a in house wheel brand?