Cinelli pista in Melbourne???

Hey guys
anyone know a store in Melbourne which sells cinelli pista track bars and stem? *oversize

ask at ponybikes.

Ebay is always a good bet.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new oversize cinelli pista track bar from ebay for about $100 delivered . Same guy was selling the matching stems also (tho they look a little naff)

just thought you’d like to know. I bought mine from wiggle and cost me $150 for the oversized bar, stem and two tektro levers. That included shipping. Soo i don’t know why you would buy for egay. :stuck_out_tongue:

there’s always cinelli on ebay, never ordered from wiggle, what’s the delivery time/ cost like

+1 :mrgreen:

Dont think I did too badly as they are currently $96 on wiggle & i didnt need a stem/ brakes/stuff…

How does the Cinelli look with bmx levers?

doesn’t look too bad.
Shipping was free because if you spent over $98 it’s free.
The time frame to receive my items was good. Think it was 2 weeks or just under when I had all my orders. * wiggle send thing one by one depending on stock. So technically they spent $60 shipping my items out. Quite stupid really. But it’s good that you get the items asap. *

Now wiggle only need $89 to get free shipping. AUD$ is skyrocketing :expressionless:

Wiggle is all time. Delivery is about 10 days.

Tip - Get a couple of parts at a time or throw some spares on your order to notch it over the $98 mark and get free shipping…

I’ve picked up bars, bb, levers, spares, a track pump all kinds of sh-t from there over the last 2 years.

And with AUD - prices are very reasonable!

I’ve found Wiggle to be even quicker than that lately - about 5 working days.

And if you spend a bit with them, you get a gold or a platinum rating, which gives you a discount (my platinum is 12%) on every purchase!

Wowzers. How’d you get that discount?? Next time you purchase somehing I wAnt in! :stuck_out_tongue:
yeah wiggle are kinda stupid. If they have an item in stock they will send that first. They spent like $60 on shipping my items over. :lol: