Cinelli Riviera Frame

Love the polished head tube lugs on this one.

I was very tempted but I have 2 other Italian city bike projects going on. :expressionless:

For those that are interested I’ve attached some pics of what the Riviera was kitted with originally (mostly correct). The integrated stem/handlebar/brake levers with the shift lever braze-on and the Cinelli fenders will be the hardest to source (rarely come up and crazy pricey). The other stuff I can help with … but it’ll be a lot cheaper if you do all the hard work. :evil:

Otherwise someone out there really needs this bike. I think the price is fair considering it’s good original condition and relative rarity. I’m surprised this one isn’t going to Japan. :wink:

These bikes make a class act. Elegant, practical, stylish … what’s not to like? :mrgreen:

Campagnolo Sport derailleur, Gran Sport 3 piece hubs, Super Champion “gentleman” Model 58 rims, Universal Extra calipers, Gnutti cranks (I think), Reg bar mount bottle cage, Pirelli tyres etc etc …

What makes it cool is that all the bits were fairly utilitarian and not high end for the time. Works OK but it was a price point bike … Riviera model was looked down upon but times have changed and it’s chic to be “cheap”. When you look beyond the sum of parts it all seems “simpatico”.

I gotta stop here before I start getting attached :cry:

Beautiful frame. Puts my citybike project to absolute shame.

Huffy’s are a ‘price point’ bike too. How times have changed.