Cinelli Supercorsa

Bit of a retro-mod, may not be to everyone’s tastes:

1990 Cinelli Supercorsa (Columbus SLX, 55sq)
Campagnolo Record 11
Campagnolo Shamal Dark
Campagnolo C-Record headset
Cinelli 1A stem
Cinelli Giro d’Italia bars with Busyman tape
Cinelli Volare SLX saddle (again, by Busyman)
Campagnolo Record seat post
Vittoria Open Corsa SC II rubber
Shimano Dura Ace 7900 pedals
KMC X11SL chain

WOW! That is a beautiful bike.

Spot on. ONLY thing I’d change is the stem to black or post to silver… and bar ends pointing down just a squiz. Otherwise, stunning.
Lovely saddle <3

Thanks. I’ve got a black stem but didn’t look as good. I autosol’d the A1 (even thou silver ano’d) and it looks better with the headset imo.

Busyman did awesome with the saddle and tape - black Roo with 1mm perforations and gold beneath. Very subtle and awesome.

Yeah, more than awesome.

WHat he said, silver/chrome seat post FTW.

Totally digging it though, that is a nice ensemble, and totally in character for that frame.

Looks fantastic. How does it ride?

fuck that noise. Its a Record post with a chrome top - totally fitting the build. Like 'cado said, sometimes too much black is too much black.

I would love to own that bike.

Absolute porn. Love it.

So fucking smooth I love it. Bars aren’t the most comfortable but I didn’t expect them to be.


^^ You mean due to the modern brifters on the vintage bars? I turned my Giros to point more towards the rear hub, which brought the levers up a bit higher where they’re meant to be as opposed to the old brake lever position. While it’s not perfect, I can happily ride on the hoods for long distances.

Just bullshit hot,
The way you have the bars set up looks mint and period but if you want more comfort push the tail of the drops to the ground and move the brifters up the bar a bit.

Or if you want perfect riding bars get some soma hwy ones and wipe the logos of with acetone.

I’m always undecided about contemporary wheelsets on classic frames but this is just winning.

such a badass build. love the gold chain.

Bingo. I was out for a couple hours on it but I think I’ll just leave it, I’m happy to suffer for how they look

this. is foa.

Love it.

I think the silver stem/black post works given the old/new era combo.

Got any pics of the bar tape / saddle? Busyman stuff is a great idea.


Ragingly good man