Cinelli to re-issue the Laser?!?!?!


‘Today thanks to the rebirth of steel and people like yourselves, a dream is about to be realised: the Cinelli Laser will return. Not just as a museum display, but as a track machine; rigid and lively, more so even than its predecessor 20 years ago. All the original protagonists are ready and motivated; Andrea Pesenti who built 300 throughout the 1980’s, myself Antonio Colombo who thought them up, Paolo Erzegovesi who engineered them, and Emilvano Montorio who pulled out the tubes. New in the band will be Alessandra Cusatelli, my partner, and Cinelli design co-ordinator of the last 10 years. As always, it will only be available in limited editions. The kids are alright!”

And here’s a Laser Pista…

Amazing if true!

With 1980s bog too?

I’d be hoping for hydro-formed Columbus Spirit tubing… :slight_smile:

fixed that for you

Special design consultant Spirito reporting for duty.

nice chain ring

surely if they was any good they wouldn’t have stopped making them?

They were always low production frames, hand finished. Think about the labor involved in sanding back those beautiful fillets?

fugly. surely alu/crabon has made these sorts of joins on a steel frame redundant?

Says the guy who rides a steel frame… :slight_smile:

True, but who cares- it looks awesome! Perhaps they could be constructed using a fillet brazing method, but the fillets would need to be hollow for weight reduction.

Or perhaps I’m over-analyzing things…

i’m talking about the massive gussets. they’re a steel frame right?
what i’m saying is, surely any aero advantage from the gussets would be more than off set by the additional weight of them?
or was it all about style over substance back then too?

dont really know who’s going to use one of these and for what purpose, they do look nice though and are an interesting conversation piece

imo they will sell them instantly then most will appear unused on ebay in the months following for twice the price and not sell

Those gussets are bog, not steel. Perkins has done them in bog (mostly) and carbon fibre (at least 1 new bike). Other old weirdo bikes have sheet metal gussets.

This was early aero, not much was understood. Fact is, you get much more aerodynamic advantage from rider positioning than the shaped tubes, Dura Ace AX cable routing, shifter placement, stem face etc.

hipsters, for njs walking. duh.

You’d rock one of these too wouldn’t you?

From my personal bike p*rn folder, saved a few years ago from fixedgeargallery

From my personal bike p*rn folder, saved a few years ago from fixedgeargallery

Okay so its not the actual Cinelli re-issue but this guy’s concept is awesome nonetheless. Cinelli Laser 2012 Concept on the Behance Network

stolen from: Cinelli Only