Cinelli Unicanitor

A guy offered to sell his Vintage Cinelli Unicanitor Saddle to me. The leather is not there anymore, only left with the plastic form of it, which is still in very good condition. I don’t want to get ripped off, so just wondering how much should it worth as the leather covered is gone already?

I know that the NOS ones on ebay go for very very high price.


Did it have a cover originally? They were initially offered as uncovered saddles. Some were covered, and some had light padding with leather or suede coverings.

I couldn’t see any staple or stitching marks under the saddle. So I am assuming that it came uncovered. I believe that the plastic used for the vintage model is to be softer than the reissued ones?

Unicantors are glued on. I’ve taken the leather and padding off two to use them and plastic saddles.

How much does one without the leather and padding usually goes for?

I got one for $15 and one for a beer.

I de-leathered them because they were both trashed (and a brown, I wanted black).

only the mint ones go for alot of money, the rest are pretty cheap. I personally wouldnt be paying much for what you have described. I suggest an ebay search of used ones, if you watch a few auctions you will see they arent too much $$. The expensive ones won’t sell. $15 for a thrashed one sounds about right.