Cinelli Vigorelli 09 Model Size help

I am about to purchase a 50" Cinelli Vigorelli 09. Just need your advice if this is too small for a guy who is 157cm, which isn’t that tall. I have never owned a Cinelli frame before, so just need some input i guess… I am buying this for $350 with everything except wheel sets and pedals.

In saying that, anyone have a decent pair at a decent price of wheelsets including hub + COG for sale :smiley: ?

50cm top tube/ 46cm seat tube sounds about right for someone who is 157cm IMO. 157cm height is very short.

haha Thanks for reminding me! =) I was just thinking if it was TOO small because I have ridden a 52cm which seems to be alright as well.

whast your budget for wheels.

$200-250 for a set. 2nd hand probably better. If not was thinking of going to the Deus shop as they might have a few sets there too. BUT anyone here that have a set i am willing to take them off your hands

Unless you’ve got really long arms I imagine 50cm TT would be a better fit and you could run a longer stem. 52cm TT could work too, but you’d probably have to run a really short stem. The standover height would be different between the frames too.

I see… thanks for the tip

FYI, this is the one i am getting, i got it down to $350 - Cinelli Vigorelli 09 Model size 50 FRAME plus parts | eBay

Anyone ridden one of these? They quite light? this is such an impulse buy as I sold my other bike a few months back and now i miss riding…

ive got some hillbrick pistas for sale in the sale forum, cheap as chips, homie!

sick! i’ll check it out :slight_smile:

just get the bike. its cheap. if you fuck around any longer someone else will buy it.

haha true. I have already been in contact anyways, this guy has posted it 3-4x already and no one has bought it. Probably not much short height riders out there like myself =P

Buy it before I do.

Does anyone have a link to the “sale forum”?

Read this, learn a thing or two.