Cinelli Vigorelli Italo 79 black edition- available?

Been eyeing off a return to the track, and I’d love to get my hands on the black edition Vigorelli’s that I’ve seen on some US blogs. Aparently it’s called the ‘Italo 79’.
Question- where can I actually get one?

Many thanks!

PBK… pricey though at AU$3,397.45

Cinelli Pro Best Of Frameset - Italo 79, Performance Bicycle Frames, ProBikeKit Australia

Grab another Vigorelli, they’re only $600.

Sorry nexus that’s their crabon road frame- they have a special edition of the Vigorelli in the similar colour scheme. It’s a Vigorelli track frame, not road.

^ Er…doesn’t look like like a track bike to me.

Edit: What Horatio said…

I had a pic somewhere:

From what I have read about them, they seem to be only be available in the US.

Looks like you might be able to buy them from this site though…
2011 Cinelli Vigorelli Frameset - City Grounds -

Der… sorry, my mistake. I didn’t look at the drop outs.

Looking around, there are some porn, top end track frames available!!

I know the dude that runs City Grounds if you’re srsly interested in buying & shipping it here.

I built one up for a mate recently. Easily the best looking Vig yet.

Now in India pounding the boards of the Com games velo.

Looks great! Where did you get the frame??

US ebay i think.

fuck dat! easily the ugliest colour scheme yet! those random blocks of red and yellow are so fucken foul.
the regular colour scheme is much better (though still pretty effen ugly, they really just chucked few shapes on it didn’t they, no thought at all)


better alu track frames on the market horatio, especially for track. i had a vigorelli and wouldn’t buy another one.

Really? I used to have one and loved it, hence interested in getting another. I’d be keen to hear about alternatives with the right aesthetics :slight_smile:

Brendan…Teschner plug time.

The new giant omnium… didn’t you post in the porn section??

I think is from your flickr… Is it alum? Stays look like alum. Anymore details?

Yes the Giant is nice- I don’t think it’s been officially released though. Also the integrated seat post looks suspiciously carbony. Thoughts?

That’s what I thought… web doesn’t seem to have much on it.
Still, are you averse to carbon for track?

Not at all, but I don’t see them selling a carbon track bike for under $2000