Had this for 3 months but only just got some photos (with the help of kitchristopher).
It’s nothing special, it looks exactly the same as all the other ones you see I guess.
It is a lot of fun though and I have been riding the shit out of it.

I love those frames.

would you say your cinelli is…generic?

Mash’s are nice though. Better than my bike…

Needed a bike to match my user name.

Looks ridden.

I like.

As much as I hate to say it, I do like those frames. Though it need a bigger chainring (time to man up). :wink:

Probably done around 2500km since building it.

Yeah 72gi, what was I thinking? Might move to Perth and run one million gear inches.

lolz… but true!


I thought about building a mash instead of my Bridgestone…

Secretly wish I did. Nice!

I saw you riding this the other week, I thought ‘Chas’ was in Melbourne.

EDIT: I’d ride one of these if everyone got over the stupid ‘lo-pro’ geo and made them in ‘regular’ geo.

This^ i would prefer sq

Both have glasses both ride a mash, easy mistake to make.

got new saddles, whats wrong with your zoncolan? by the way, like the fenders on d fuji

Zoncolan was fine but I wanted to try out other ones, Specialized romin is the most comfortable saddle I have tried so far.

The Fuji has had so many phases, it almost deserves it’s own thread… But not quite.

Because you are a hipster i added these photo for people to hate on…

^ LOLz


Yeah it’s a bit shit. Sort your chainring bolts out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Kit! Did not realise I was having my photo taken. If I had known I would have posed nicely for you.

On prolly soon.

Yeah I need more coloured ones.