Ciocc Columbus Aelle 54cm

I’ve just posted this on ebay.

It is a two tone Ciocc, Columbus Aelle tubing 54cm square.

Best of luck, be nice for it to stay local

CIOCC FRAMESET - Columbus tubing - Two tone paint - eBay (item 200555199659 end time Dec-21-10 23:59:31 PST)

man, that is nice.
If I needed another bike/had some coin I’d be bidding away.

sweet. i’ve put in a bid.

im gonna bid. please let me win yeh? i need a new frame asap

i too shall bid… though i dont imagine i will win

I’m going to bid also - Just to fuck with you guys.

which one of you bastards outbid me! i’m out… (till perhaps the last few seconds ;))

i’m bidding too…an dit’s probably 8 cm too small.

but fuck it, why not.

Kinda want it, for gears and risers like my old concorde…

Please Pip don’t, I dont want to see this bike on your wall of death

don’t forget… ends tomorrow :slight_smile:

This is the frame that had the totally crushed driveside dropout isn’t it?

Who did the repair, was it a dropout replacement or just bent back into shape?