citizens surveilling cyclists

but probably only in Canberra:

"A few weeks ago Loose Brown suggested that it might make interesting social commentary to video the Sullivan’s Creek bike path and pedestrian crossing of David Street at peak hour.

So on Tuesday 13 March I did just that, for 10 minutes from 8:10am to 8:20am. And indeed it was interesting."

See the engaging and artful footage here:

Makes me think of this thing I once read on the back of a budgerigar: “Laws are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men”.

Yeah, saw this one the other day Adam, was an interesting read. Especially the comments.

Considering I’ve seen more anger from drivers as a result of having to stop for me, than anger at seeing me ride across the crossing, i know what i’ll remain doing.

The most interesting part is that people actually care about a minority such as cyclists.

I’m sure John isn’t trying to incite cyclist hatred in Canberra, afterall he is a part time cyclist. I suppose it gets people reading his stuff on a slow news day though…


Yeah, there might be an element of pandering to his audience too. Which is a blameless act that we all understand. I’m always sure to iron my mankini when my boss will be in, for instance.

sweet photos on your weblog.


FFS time lapse version? This is dull viewing.