City of Melbourne considering Swanston St Bike Ban

This isn’t a meet but for the Melburnians, take 5min to visit this page and evaluate the options and provide some feedback to the council.

Option #7 has been snuck in to remove all bike access from Swanston St.

I don’t ride up Swanston (Go Russell!), but removing access for cyclists is a head in the sand approach to decreasing traffic incidents and improving traffic flow.

Yep, good one Blakey, I’ve put in a submission already as well.

i haven’t downloaded the pdf’s yet (they seem to try to make it as inconvenient as possible) but managed service delivery sounds like one that would make a big difference.

I dont understand why trams have to be in the inside lane on ‘pedestrianised’ roads. Surely it would make more sense to have taxi/bike lanes on the inside, and then peds and trams don’t stop traffic…
Not that the gov’t are likely to spend the money re-laying tram lines(both the rails and the power lines) on the inside lane all the way up swanston st; but one can hope.