Clamont Pursuit build (in bits)

Brought this frame off a buddy and itching to get this thing going.

Super cool triangle design with no rear brake bridge. I’m hoping to build it up with a full Superbe group set but for now ill just put some left over bits on it to get it going.

Anyone got a nice set of Suntour track cranks they want to sell? I could be interested to do a deal with stuff in the last photo? Also an 650 Araya to match the rear?

Yeah, I’ve got a set of 165mm Superbe track cranks, located in Melbourne (and the 165mm road version). PM me for price, photos.

oh sh1t! im a fan of tripples…let alone funny tripples!

Love the sweeping tube.

Awesome, nice left over bits. Was it just coincidence all bits are purple or was that for a upcoming/previous build?


See your vivalo in the background :slight_smile:

Dude I love lo pro frames, the more I look at them, the more eager I am to get one

Can’t wait to see it built up!

Mannn… It looks like it would be uncomfortable to ride that on the road.

I have another pursuit and its fine riding on the road.

Yeah, the left over bits were from an old build, ano pink Sugino 75s with purple jag stem and pink Nitto risers. Pretty fruity!

It will be a bit ugly and odd until i can afford to fork out on the rest of the Suntour group set and either an Araya or Aerohead wheel set for it. This one mite even end up with a rear Spengle tri spoke to make it extra ugly ha!

love the frame man.
personally i would try and keep the components as subtle as possible, let the frame speak for itself, but then again, its your build!

The fish eye shot of the parts really suites this build

I’ve got a spare 650c rigida dp18 32h rim that I could probably be talked into selling…

mm sure could go for one of those pursuit frame :frowning:


For jimbopome, The components will become subtle once I find them. Either black Velocity aerohead wheel set or try and find another front rim to match the Araya. Would love a rear Shamal to match the front, but not too keen on running a tubular on the rear. Being a broke student puts a dampener on buying the bits straight away!

For heavymetal, do you have any photos of the rim?