Clamont track complete in Yass.

Seller says he’ll take $200 for it.

Clamont Geoff Scott Track Bike in Yass, NSW | eBay

Nice paint.

i messaged him for local pick up. trying to bundle in the roadie so I get a cheap 9sp group!

Damn this is close to me but I think it’s too big (Barely 6").


PS looks almost my size

PPS i haven’t ridden fixed since forever

PPPS i can dream cant i?

Want this to ride to work. Having a cheeky bid.

I want this so bad Omg.

Hmm MIL lives just up the road in Goulburn. And I have to go down and visit in June. Be nice to have a bike waiting for me…

Dat hillbrick tho. Damn. Might have a cheeky bid on that one…

If this happens, I’ll go you halves and take the frame/fork.

Needs the seat off the Clamont too.

Wanna buy it off me??

Pallett strikes again…

Lock up your daughters bikes!

Its still listed but you’ve got both the Hillbrick and Clamont?

He’s getting back to me on the Hillbrick… It’s his wife’s bike and he has to clear it with her first.

And he’s pulling the auction tonight when he’s home from work.

Did laugh at the shoes he’s got for sale:

These size 41 road shoes were bought for my son and used once. Apparently cycling is less fun in reality than in your imagination.

Lol it’s above $200 now ha ha

…i’ve been bidding and taken it up past $200 - I want both too!