Clarence St sale

| Clarence Street Cyclery Sydney Australia

Should’ve remembered to post the full sale list, oh well.
Nike jerseys are a bargain, the 10/2 jackets are fantastic too and given the weather of late I’d highly reccomend them. From memory they’re also doing $5 lights and Bontrager floor pumps for cheap so it’d be worth dropping in for those if nothing else.
And if you’re a small or large (ie, <43,46<) they should have some Nike shoes for cheap to check out.

perhaps you should tell them to buy an ad.

I seem to recall someone posting info about a sale that Fitzroy Rev had…

i think, at least, they were selling fixies…

Give me some gemchachos and all is forgiven.


i et them alls.

Unlocked at the request of the OP.

They’ve also opened a womens only store next door that I saw walking past last week.

I might check out if they’ve got anything left today. Sale for Clarence St probably just means RRP though.

saucer of milk for table 9

They had arm warmers for $10 but they sold out quickly. I got some leg warmers for the same price. 2nd hand drop bars for $10. I think most of the bargains got snapped up on the first morning. I think they’d still have bibs if you’re a small or >XL going $50 and heaps of cheap gloves.

Well I found some bibs in a large. Found one medium too, but it was a bit small. Had to dig though.

Not much in the way of reduced arm warmers etc. in my size now. Lots of drop bars, some cranks (with chainrings) like DA at 399 or so, Capo gloves and socks. I think I heard one of the staff say that everything without a reduced sticker is 12% off.

Plenty of Sydney roadies will be riding around in full Astana kit though I think.

CSC had a T1 on the floor, does that count?

Might as well declare that I have links to the store but no vested interest in their operations - just thought people would be interested in some of the genuine bargains on offer ala the DirtWorks and other sale threads.