Classic 07 tour lines from Phil Liggett

‘another one of these round circles’

Or you could play bingo

What no?

Taking all kind of risks
Turning himself inside out

Phil Liggett Quote from last nights stage (stage 3)

“Scenery is nice, althought the racing isn’t tearing up the tarmac”

For me , Phil can do no wrong…the Murray Walker of cycle commentating…
The thing that’s really pissing me off is the bloke on Fox (maybe on SBS too?) who can’t say Cancellara…
Keeps calling him Cancerella…like he’s some sick Swiss Supervillain spreading malignant cells across Europe???

Yeah he’s on SBS too. Is he the guy that usually does soccer on SBS but they draft him in to do TdF? I pictured some wierd cancer-ridden pro rider who wears glass shoes, has ugly sisters and a pumpkin for a team car.

Yes - Hes’ a MUPPET

“…his beautifully bronzed legs.”

Haha classic. I lost count of the number of times we heard about the Armistice train carriage last night.

not Phil…

Eric Zabel, talking about the green jersey: “I’m too old for this shit”


And from previous years, to Rolf Aldag…“remember when you broke your arm? I didn’t give a shit”

Anyone who doesn’t love Erik Zabel is a worthless piece of shit.

“You can see the pain…well, you can’t actually see pain, but you can almost see the pain on his face.”

Paul Sherwin this time:

“he’s a professional professional”