CLASSIC - fat kid flattened by fixed gear

awesome action shots

Thats old and not very funny, poor little fella (even though he should watch where he was going). I feel bad for the rider though.

that dude in the pink cap made me laugh the most

that dude is so luigi.

Kid’s not that fat.

come on man lighten up
cause that was damn funny

I’m probably going to cause controversy again by questioning the legitimacy of skidding as a form of stopping but this kind of proves how stupid it is. Heres a cyclist, already in the middle of the act of stopping and he still couldn’t pull up in time to stop from hitting the kamikaze pedestrian.

And yeah I know it was a contest and not an accurate facsimile of the act of skid stopping in real traffic and I know the kid ‘ran right out in front of him’ and I don’t care. I’m not going to read this thread again. I’m just going to drop an argument bomb and disappear in a wisp of ninja smoke like a bunch of kids lighting bags of dogshit on ‘ol man Simmons porch’ or you know… some sort of magical amalgamation of the two… like this

Watch out, I could be in your thread next, dropping controversy bombs about helmet laws and if you should roll up both pants legs whilst riding or just the drive side.

wow, you’re like the jobst brandt of I’m already looking forward to your next curmudgeonly post… :slight_smile:,5542.0.html

been done… by me and all… except may have gotten locked.

(there is the video form link in there its quite a laugh)

What kind of bullhorns are those? MTB ones?

Flat bars with bar ends.

This has nothing to do with stopping quickly. It was a skidding competition, the idea is to stop over the longest distance possible. No need to open this debate again.

i appreciated it