1983 Malvern Star (New) - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 30-May-10 23:31:37 AEST)

“…I purchased it from the dealer a few weeks ago. The dealer found it in its box in old stock…”
“…I would love to keep it myself but I just don’t have the space.”

I love how he made it an obvious money grab, or maybe it’s just on a whim. Nice spot Brendan!

This bike was subject to a “whats my bike” thread on another forum. He’s not going to get what he paid for it…looks like he’s decided to cut his losses and offload it when he got told just how low end it actually was in its day!

why would anyone post a single photo of a bike on ebay from the non drivetrain side ???

you should ask him on BNA =D

Didn’t top end racers in the 80’s all come with a chain guard and foam on the bars?