Cleaning BB shell

Can I use a wire brush to clean my bb threads?
What’s the best way to clean them?
Should I just get the threads chased?

If they are really dirty/rough, I’d get them chased, I’ve never figured out an alternative way that does it as well, but your wire brush idea could work. (Obviously you’ll be twisting the brush around rather that brusing in and out).

If you get it chased, negotiate on price first. It’s a sub 5 minute job if you’ve taken the BB out already. My LBS tried to sting me $30.

Not keen on paying near $30 to have it chased.
If no one can confidently confirm the wire brush method I will just have it chased.
Although it is italian threaded and most places would only have a english threaded chasing piece I’d imagine.

Don’t really wanna fuck my threads though.


Tried to charge me $30, ended up costing $15.

$15 is reasonable.

wire brush on a drill ?

Nope, just one of those wire tooth brush things…

Wire brush on a drill will be fine for cleaning them, but if there are any dags or slight damage to the threads you should get it chased.
Facing your bb shell could help too if your bb has been loosening up.

Pretty much what San Esteban said,

I would never use a wire brush on a drill, if the brush is too abrasive and you linger on any spots (particularly the beginnings of the threads) you’ll be spewin’. Would use some carby/brake cleaner and a clean cloth if anything.

BB’s are one of those things where the right tools take a fraction of the time and dramatically reduce margin for error…

best option to be safe with a 2nd hand frame where the threads might not be in the best nick to begin with is to have a shop run the taps through it and face the BB shell if needed.

MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM IT’S ITALIAN THREAD. You don’t want some young mechanic using the wrong tool and ruining your frame.

so basically, unless you are new to using a drill, a wire brush will work fine

Thanks for the input peeps.

I will get some carby/brake cleaner and try that. The drill thing isn’t worth the risk and I will look for a wire brush with the softest bristle.

Will carby/brake cleaner fuck the paint if I get trigger happy?