Cleaning Gumwall Tyres

ok, had a quick search and came up with nothing…currently on Panaracer Passelas and will be trying Grand Bois shortly, but need to know what is effective at cleaning Gumwall tyres…ideas?

probably similar to car whitewalls? in which case google will help.
tho maybe not, car whitewall cleaner seems to be abrasive things like jiff and scourers.

If you can’t come to terms with the ‘beausage’ then either you never ride in the rain, or you just buy new ones.

The aluminium oxide embeds into the sidewalls pretty well, nigh on impossible to remove.

they get dirty if you ride them in winter

dishwashing detergent and water will get them as clean as they will get

i would avoid putting anything stronger than that on your tyres given they are the main things keeping you alive when you ride

No worries, saw some horrible quotes elsewhere for using oven cleaner ? riding in rain so I’ll live with the beausage

I would have said brakes, but…

brakeless fixay bike forum chat only or GTFO

Take the tyres to Bunnings and get paint to match and then just repaint them when they get dirty.


piss on them

Sorry to raise this from the dead.

Is there a way to prevent this? Like aquaseal or something?

Ive tried looking up sealants being used on clinchers, but can only find results relating to tubs.

Too much effort.

Ride more and they’ll wear out sooner and you can put freshies on.

I’ve scrubbed sidewalls with simple green and a green scourer (or a magic eraser), it works to a degree, but your best bet is to get disc brakes.

Buy new one’s and keep them just for photo’s !!

You could probably use a mild paint stripper or something similar. I’ve used caustic soda in the past and it was ok as long as you rinse it off properly and don’t inhale the fumes when using it.

GBs ain’t cheap. If aquaseal works, I’ll gladly put in the effort.