I have fairly limited space to clean my bikes and have found these wipes - Wiggle | Muc-Off Dirty Work Wipes (Canister of 70 Wipes) | Bike Cleaner

Are they any good or a bit of a gimmick? Would I just be better off with a bucket of soapy water and a cloth?

Any other tips or products for a noob like me who doesn’t have a lot of space to wash my bikes?


baby wipes are awesome. Probably the same thing as those.

^^ Never used those, but regular old supermarket baby wipes are good at removing grease. You do get a bit of residue, but it usually wipes off with a dry cloth.

Other than that I’ve taken my bike to the local service station car wash - more for the high pressure hose than the soapy brush.

Edit: I wonder how those barbecue wipes would go cleaning a bike? They’re like baby wipes with armour.

I just use the armour-all quick detailer with a microfibre cloth. Works well.

Baby wipes are awesome.
Also good for computer screens

  • a million on baby wipes

microfibre rags. buy in bulk at hardware stores.

+1 on microfibre rags, slightly oiled/lubed. No need for soap or water. But then it depends on how dirty your bike is - I don’t let mine get all that dirty in the first place.