clear glasses

It’s getting cold in Canberra and my eyes aren’t handling the early morning rides very well. As a colleague politely put it this morning, my eyes looked so wet and red this morning it looked as though I had either been swimming or had turned into an albino. (It would have been impolite to suggest anything else, we work with government departments! :wink: )

Any recommendations for cheap / effective / comfortable clear glasses / frames? I guess something with removable lenses so I could put in tinted ones would be cool.

You could go to Bunnings etc and see what they have in terms of safety glasses.

Check out the bike shops… they usually have a generic brand for around the $30 mark. Otherwise they can get pretty pricey, especially if you are looking for interchangeable lenses.

Check out Braddon at lunch time if your in the city, 3 bike shops close to each other should have something that would do the trick.

pffft… cippo says clear glasses are for suckers


Cecil Walker in Melbourne sell Ice Glasses (? of something) for about $19.00.
They’re good, last a while and you don’t get too upset when you scratch them!

I am a velogear junkie.

They have these. I own a pair and they fit my head OK.

Seen some nice bolle at Reece (plumbing suplies) I think they are 14.95. Would have bought some but my head is too big.

anyone have preference for yellow vs clear lenses at night?

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i wear oakley m-frames. Lenses are detachable. You buy em with everyday lenses then just buy the clear ones extra for like 40/50$. Mine are 2 years on and going strong. I wear them every second day a the least. Dropped them heaps aswell. Very durable…

its probs worth getting a half decent pair of glasses for cold/night riding.
especially if you live in canberra as I guess you’ll be using them a bit.

I got a pair of Rudy Project Ekynox in Black with clear lenses, They were on the cheap from a mate at work, and I pretty much keep them in my bag now over the colder months for when i need to bust them out in the rain/cold nights home.

although I’d find it hard paying retail for a pair of these.