Clip On Fendor

Can anyone suggest a good Clip On Rear Fendor?

I am looking for something minimal but effective

Crud road racer… Also maybe search for ‘fender’, might yield some results.

There is a review of the cruds in the review section. Much recommended at about 30 dorrah.

I used to have SKS race blades, they did the job. A bit of faffing about adjusting them so they didn’t rub on the tyres. But the downside was that the clips that attached to the seat stays rubbed through the paint. I wouldn’t attach them to a bike with nice paint. Have a rooster tail now instead (looks ridiculous but is quick to install/remove).

Yeah I am more after something that is a quick on/off. I liked the look of the WIT Industries Fendor-Bendor but that won’t fit my bike as I run a rear brake

So guess I am after something that fits to the seat stem with some big knob fitting that I have been seeing. Allen Key fixing or like would be fine

pls use the search function. it will reveal much.

perhaps search zefal flamingo to begin with.

I bought one of these, cheap and do the trick on damp days

Zefal Swan Mudguards - Goldcross Cycles

i use a piece of core flute cable tied on

I didn’t think there was such a thing … in any case I don’t see why peep’s don’t opt for cutting up a plastic garbage bin into strips and using zip ties rather than the overpriced, eyesores that pass as such for fenders. I’m sure you could get at least 10 such “fenders” from a $15 bin from Bunnings.

For everything else there’s proper full fenders and bikes that accommodate them, anything else is short change and too compromised to be of worth.

your such an idiot why spend an hour makin a fender when i could go to my job for 4 hours and earn enough to buy one?!?!!

  • Joel

this one took 5 minutes at work tonight. cardboard, sellotape, and a rubber glove to tie it on. W shape to fit tightly between the stays without rotating tapering to a normal ^ shape. i think i’m getting it down to a fine art. i will get around to buying one for this bike eventually though.

liam, you are truly the king of DIY.

No kidding, did you see his saddle rail replacement/repair?

SKS race blades are very good actually.
As you mention, you need to be careful about paint rub at the connection point on the frame. But I’ve found protective tape works a treat. And the whole point of them is when the sun shines, you can remove them in a couple of seconds.

Spirito- not really following you mate??

What he’s saying is that any clip-on fender is always going to be a compromise. eg: race blades are pretty good, but they’re tricky to set up and don’t give anything like decent coverage. Same goes for clip on rear ones: good in a pinch, but you’re still gonna get wet shoes/legs.
If you get a bike that can take full fenders there’s no compromise in protection for the sake of a few hundred grams.

At least that’s how I read it.

I use a topeak defender - it is ugly and kind of a pain to adjust (the QR for the clamp is on the opposite side of the adjustment bolts) but it gives good real wheel coverage for either my track bike, road bike or 29er.

I have one like this and it works fine. This one’s $15 but I scored mine for $6 at some mtb store that had a bunch of them in fluro green! So I rattle canned it black.

Bicycle Mudguards & Accessories - Big Savings

You can’t put sweet anti-establishment stickers on proper mudguards either.

Why not?

Coz ‘the man’ says so. (Not sean the man)

not wide enough in my experience and heaven knows i’ve tried.