Clip sizing.

Gday, just wondering if people can help with sizing for clips. Looking for something off the net but not 100 % what sizes are which. I would have thought a size 11 would be around a large but i saw a guide saying 10 > was extra large?

Any advice?


im size 12 and large cristoph clips are too big for me.

get a pair of mediums and space them out at the bolts

Ok thanks mate

I’m a size US9.5 and I use an XL.

fuckin hell!!

if i had XLs my heel would be on the pedal.


I started with (L) and then moved onto (XL).

Maybe your shoes are in ladies sizes. :smiley: Just sayin.

you using MKS?

Yup. Asian XL.

I wear size 44 shoes and, depending on the manufacturer, use large or extra-large toeclips, usually extra-large. The extra height of the toebox is appreciated.

Spacing out smaller toeclips means it is easier to flip into them at traffic lights (and allows micro-adjustment) but is slightly less secure during hard starts if excessively spaced.

shortsie might have his cleats a long way forward IMHO.

MKS sizing is tiny M is more like S