Clipless for track - Look Keo or SPD-SL or ... ?

There’s probably heaps of threads containing the answer to my question but to be honest as none are titled as such and I can’t be arsed sleuthing so I’m gonna go ahead and start another…

I’m getting into riding on the track and looking for a clipless pedal to use. Up until now I have only ridden MTB clipless but I want/need a secure clipless (road) pedal with zero float. What are people using and what do people recommend? SPD-SLs and Look Keo seem to be the most common. Which do people think is better?

ps - I ain’t a weight-weenie and am too cheap to consider speedplays.

ultegra + red cleats.

/end thread.

Zero? Unless your position is dialled and your pedal stroke excellent, you may want to go with a leetle bit of float.

I like SPD-SL. The cleats are totes walkable, the pedals are great value except for DA (Up until the most recent carbon Ultegra version, ultegra was the same as 105 internally). DA has an extra bearing where the rest have a bushing, but you can buy about 6pr of 105s for every pr of DA.

I have no experience with Looks past the old Deltas, they were ok, back in the day, hella cheap now for used sets.

But they’re both excellent systems, buy the ones you like the look of, and are common with your friends, so you can steal their bikes / spares.

Shimano road pedals with the red cleats. I got a few spare at home if you wanna try 'em out.

Why zero float?

I was in this same situation a month ago, went down the SPD-SL path. 105 pedals with the yellow cleats, around $50 from ribble.

+1. I’ve recently moved to the red. They own.

it all makes sense.


Keo advocate here but never used anything else.

Thanks for all the speedy replies. Looks like I might give the SLs a shot.

I thought I’d try zero float precisely because I wanted to tidy up my pedal stroke. Maybe I’ll have to reassess that idea.

Thanks Trigger. I think I’ll take you up on that offer.

I ditched my Shimano 105’s and went with LOOK Keo 2 Max’s. Much prefer the LOOKs, having used Delta’s and now these. Shimano cleats are awful.
That’s just my 2c.

Is anyone a fan of Keywins with the track pins?

not used, but have heard good things.

I have all ways used deltas and loved them but with my knee problems i have switched to speedplay,
Deltas are good and half the time people are giving them away.

+1 for Deltas, have them on all my bikes.