Close calls... brushes with death... we all have them!

F@cking cab drivers!!

I’m riding down Burnley St, Richmond this morning. I look back, plenty of space between me and the truck behind, no close cars coming the opposite way, so signal (cos it was a big truck) and start pulling a right into the sidestreet. A split second later, this f@cking cab pulls out at mach speed to overtake the truck and misses my rear wheel by centimeters… and I mean like 2 or 3!! He was cranking so fast I didn’t get his number otherwise, I swear I would have hunted the f@cker down! What sort of retard overtakes a truck in Burnley St in the morning rush for christs sake!

Now a week wouldn’t go by without a ‘close call’, but this was the ‘my life flashed before my eyes’ type! Ride safe!