Closed Cell Foam Sheets

Any upholstery-folks around here?

Can anyone recommend a source for closed cell foam sheets, preferably 4mm or 5mm thickness, medium to high density?

I’ve searched around but I can’t find any retailers locally (Clark Rubber doesn’t have what I want).

It’s for re-covering some seats. eBay has some but it seems pricey and I’m only after a metre or so.

isn’t dydlo baggins an upholsterer?

Can’t help you with local (melbourne) suppliers, but can recommend Dyman foams, or 3H foam in BNE.

I only carry 10mm so can’t help you myself. :frowning:

how far off is a $5 yoga mat from kmart etc?

I’m not sure that upholsterers would use it. The product that you are after is called Cross-linked Polyethylene or PEX. I use it in my job (museums). I would try a mob called Aline packaging, or failing that, try the aptly named Foam Suppliers in Dandenong.

Thanks guys.

It seems my problem is finding a small enough quantity. I don’t need or want metres of the stuff but I’ll probably just have to buy 1 x 1.3m or so.

I spose I’ll just have to re-cover more saddles :slight_smile: