Cloudbreak copies Chopes (Volcom Pro, Fiji)

Faark !! That is some swell.

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It was crazy,
I don’t think cloud break has ever been like that.
A couple of my mates were out there but not sure if they got any.
To paddle into somthing like that is beyond balls it’s just mental.
The board on the lip off that photo is a 9ft plus paddle gun and it looks tiny.

hooooly shit

I shudder to think what was happening to its owner

Even if an atheist, he be praying.

Me thinks the same. I don’t ever remember seeing it so thick, and large.

The rider of it is fine and the board is ok too,
It was made by Chris Christianson.
It is only an 8’6’’ though.
The guy down the bottom kicking is aussie vaughn or his brother ron blakey.

Sure it has. No one was there though. Just the fishes. :wink:

Seriously though, July last year was fucking epic too. Have you guys seen the barrel from deadmans for this swell?


About a minute in.

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Yeah that was mental.

Wow, that’s an epic make. I like his reaction after being spat/blown out of that deep barrel.