C'mon Sydney

Hey Sydney Riders … Where the Farkin hell are ya’s ?

There is a well publicised Ride every Sat morning at 7am from Martin Place but only a few show up to each week . I show when work allows me too . The distance has varied but it always ends at Bourke St Bakery in Surry Hills for Coffee , Pastries & talking bikes , VW’s etc

Is it because Sydney has too many hills ?
Are Sydneysider Fixieriders soft ?
Too drunk from Friday night … no excuse as I turned up drunk at my first ride & lived

I have seen quite a few bikes in town … so What’s up ?

There is also a supposed Wed night ride/Drinks at the Cricketers Arms Pub to be confirmed … Anyone

I was there all weekend bombing up and down George st eyc and didn’t see ONE fixed let alone many other bikes. Does anybody ride up there? Great place to smash though, the traffic was SOOO much nicer than Melbs and no bike cops (Eat A D!#k Roy) to hastle me.

Sydney is EPIC to ride. Like being in a terrain park on a snowboard. Enjoy the quite.

Yeah, there is lots of riding going on, just not with you… Nah just kidding :wink:
We are riding tonight @ 7pm from the Cricketers, come down.

Saturday mornings have been very soft of late. More coffee and pastry, then riding. If the ride was later I reckon more people would show, especially the all the new hipster kids. Not that there is anything wrong with being a hipster kid. :smiley:

Keep an eye on that. It can get out of control easily.

I only graced Sydney with my presence for the weekend. Still didn’t see any of you guys out riding.

I think most riders avoid george st, I know I do.

Well last Saturdays ride was more of a coffeeshop crawl (like a pub crawl but more jittery) but it was fun nonetheless … I’ll hopefully hit the Pub on my way back from the beach tonight

I love it, loads of fun. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the only place I rode by any means. Rode down to Woolongong, up to the Northern Beaches and about everywhere in between and still only saw a hand full of bikes. I think I did see you though in Oxford st in Bondi Junction on Monday afternoon maybe.

Ok your scaring me now!

I thought I heard someone outside last night, was that you?

Ok your scaring me now!

I thought I heard someone outside last night, was that you?


When you’re the one and only track bike i see in Sydney and you post your ride on here, well it ain’t hard to figure out.

You didn’t come to the roller derby?

i think yr right. except: come and ride during the week and you won’t be loving the sydney traffic. sydney drivers are cockmunchers.

there’s heaps less ppl on bikes generally in sydney. blame the hills, blame the traffic, blame the lazy hipster cunts not liking hills and traffic… im on the bike everyday, and im still alive.

saturday morning: we’re doing la perouse before anyone is allowed any form of caffeine or tasty baked treat.

I’m new to this site and will definitely try the sat ride this week (if i’ve recovered from the big day out). but seriously why can’t it be like 8am or something :?

cos all the coffee shops open at 8am. if we meet at 8 there’s no real incentive to actually ride anywhere. by meeting at 7, we’re forced to ride for at least 45 mins to an hour.

oh yeh, and HARDEN THE FUCK UP.

I’m not sure if I’ll make it tomorrow as I am doing an all-nighter loading out the Big Day Out . I am way too out of shape to handle a ride to LaPa with no sleep . I did do the Cricketers Arms bomb around town ride on Wed though

i had to do an airport run on wednesday, i was well keen for the ride too.

this wednesday for sure.

tomorrow might just be a ride to the beach to cool down if this weather continues…

I wana do this Sat mornings ride - i work at bondi 9:30 so finishing up on time would be fine. But the only thing worrying me is that there ain’t no shower at work and i’ll rock up all stinky n shit.

But if you see me rock up with an Orange clunky looking fixie give me a hola. Thats if i get out of bed.

Anyone keen for a ride on a Sunday morning at a more more gentlemanly hour, say 8:00 or 9:00? Go for an hour or two then hit a coffee shop?

im keen! :smiley:


Hitting the pathway along the river with the misses sunday morn, a very gentle cruise non the less, trying to roll the legs out from todays LaPa ride + deus for something extra.

damn… im so soft. didn’t even get up. I hope i didn’t stand you up gibbdog. Sorry…