CMWC 15 "Run Racer" Friday 23rd Jan 15

Date changed. See you there
Bring you coins for pot o beer during.

I’ll hopefully be there.

Two checkpoints and finish. Easy, not need to be fast.

need good biceps though

I’m in.


great weather for it. Might ditch the fixie for something that has brakes if it still happens.

Call to be made around 5pm

At this rate the rain looks to be clearing by around 5pm…on February 6.


Race now this Friday. Same time same place

sorry I’ll be raining I think?

Thanks scotty

awww DK i’m keen, plus shirts has finally buggered off, red is smoking too many darbs, and if no-one tells JJ it’s on, then it’s wide open!

My wife is happy to volunteer if you need someone on a checkpoint

Should be fine, thanks for the offer

I’m in.

wahoo! just for the record, it was raining ever so lightly just now