Cmwc 2015

CMWC Melbourne

For those who don’t know Melbourne is the host city for the Cycle Messenger World Championships in 2015.

It’s going to be massive! About 300 bike messengers and urban cycling enthusiasts from all over the globe will be coming to our fine city over the Easter weekend, the 3rd, 4th and 5th of April.

Early bird registration has opened at a discounted price of $60

This event is open to everyone, you do not need to be a courier be involved. If you like riding your bike I can garuntee you’ll have a rediculous amount of fun.

We are currently in talks with Melbourne city council to close down a section of docklands over the weekend to hold the main race. And are joining forces with the DDCX crew to hold a track and cyclocross day on the Friday.

As well as racing there will be partys every night with roller racing and other festivities.

Get Excited!!!

The pre event in Sydney will also be heaps of fun. will be the weekend before and there will be an organised and supported ride from sydney to melb. the plan is to ride 4 days around 100k per day on the coastal route with lotsa drinks breaks and beach sessions. there will be a bus ride from Moruya into Melbourne on the thursday (2nd) i think, or if you are crazy you can cannonball it in and hope to get there by the weekend. There is a facebook group and website on the way with all the details which ill post up here when they are live.

It’ll be insane. You will ride and drink with heaps of rad people and have a messenger couch to crash on in every city in the world for the rest of your life after it, fact!

Just giving this a quick bump-a-roonie

If you are planning on registering and want the super happy fun time early bird discount do it in the next 24 hours. After then the price is going to jump up.

Or you know whatevs you don’t have to. Just a heads up

What’s the non-discounted price?


Pre event details here: Info / Schedule |


Indication of cost? Im keen but unsure of work commitments…
Would prefer not to pay and then have to miss out!

Pay now and know if you can’t make it, the funds are going towards showing the world of couriers how rad australia can be.

Rego price is jumping up to $120 on the 15TH of NOVEMBER.

Yeah that’s a whole month away but, you know what? time flies… next thing you know you’ll be sitting around on Nov 16 being all ‘DAMMIT WHY DIDNT I REGISTER WHEN THAT GUY ON THE INTERNET TOLD ME TO!’

Dont be that person.

Be the smart guy that saves 30 big ones and does it now!


CMWC Melbourne


Hey all,

We did a longer edit video of the Group Ride and CMWC, check it out.

When I say ‘we’ I mean my girlfriend Jorja did the entire thing.

this is cool. nice one!

who’s the dreamboat at 7m05s?! :wink:

Oh, you! giggle