Coffee Cup holder

I LoL’d. Then I wonderd if it could be adapted for alcohol beverages.

Hahaha, double hit on the drops!

You could team it up with this and not spill a drop…

…and look like a wanker design student while you are at it.

Soma did it first

and better

headset spppppacers!

what happens if you hit a bump and get a face-full of coffee?

turn for home and take a sickie :stuck_out_tongue:

the Trek Soho comes with a downtube mounted thermos

I wouldnt trust a hot cup of coffee on my bars… imagine a camelbak though…

“hey i’ll have a latte please… oh… ummm… would you mind pouring it into this?”

forced induction of coffee sounds like a win to me.

i have one of these (the missus works for the catering company that distributes them)… they are really good and very functional. some of the colours do suck… but mines beige/black. :stuck_out_tongue:

for those that care a little about reducing their waste it makes a lot of sense (yeah -i know… hippy sentiments - but how many times did you recycle your coffee cup).

resusable coffee/tea mugs are very popular in the US and parts of asia, especially places it gets cold and you want your newly purchased drink to stay warm. :wink:

Careful what you say on this forum: :evil:

you sue!

i saw some kids on lygon st one night occy-strapping a goonbag (no box) to their rear rack.
good times ahoy

If anyone wants that Soma one, SCV Imports can get them in. Which means … pretty much any LBS can get them in.

Electra also do one, via Southcott Cycles.

Did the Seattle version of Specialized Langster come with a bar mounted coffee cup holder?


This thread has inspired me to stop being a wasteful bastard and start taking a regular mug next door when I get coffee, rather than taking a paper cup every day. I hate myself for taking this long to make the switch. I’m an utter bastard.

Captain Planet forgives you

According to the Atomica refugee I spoke to today at Mitte, your palate will thank you as well. He said there’s a noticable difference in the flavour of a coffee served in a paper / disposable compared to ceramic or (harder) plastic. Whether drinking hot drinks from plastic cups will shrink your nuts is another question. What was that Snog song again?

fixed that for you…

not all plastic is bad… and you get exposed to chemicals everytime you breathe, especially when you get to more urbanised/industrial areas.