where’s the best?

At the moment my bests are:

Loafer - near cnr St. Georges & Scotchmere
St. Ali - south melbs
A Minor - albion st brunswick

often for the ‘service’ as much as the coffee. :slight_smile:

Squisito @ QV. Good coffee but it’s only open Mon-Fri and it’s a suit hangout. And it’s almost next door to SHM so you can get a coffee and have a laugh too.

Maybe we should go to Loafer this Saturday then? I haven’t been there. Besides, I have something to give you.

St Ali is great, only problem is it’s not in Carlton where it should be.

Postal on Russell/LtCollins is good; great coffee (not sure what they’re like for the non-milk kind though ndf) and superb boccacinis.

I go to a place on Sydney Rd a lot, though I’m not sure what the name is. It’s got a Illy sign above the wooden door and is between Wilson & Union. They’re great for coffee and for the cheapies (like me) they have yesterdays cakes as well.

Dare I say it Cafe Racer

ha ha.
Go rub heads with bikers with some expensive equipment. good fun after you’ve been for a long ride on la fixie. Most of them can’t quite out why you beat them on there expensive wheels!!

Nup. Haven’t had a coffee there for a long time, but theres a good place round on Fitzroy street near the george, called (I think) Bakery Cafe or something.

Great muffins too.

That bakery/cafe on Fitzroy St is Baker di Chirico.

Cafe Racer on a weekend afternoon is good (after the morning lycra rush), for the coffee, but also the scenery. Last week, I saw a model from Price is Right (jaws to floor…) as well as met Alvaro and his Moser and have chatted to Katie Mactier in the past.

Hayden from Racer rides a fix.

Where in South Melb is St Ali?

St Ali is off Clarendon, right down Coventry if you are facing the city, then left along Yarra. I’m not sure if they even have a sign, but the coffee is good enough for them not to need one.
St Ali on GoogleMaps

Baker di Chirico is great for real croissants.

Alvaro has a Moser as well as the Merckx?? Lucky bastard!

He lives right above Cafe Racer doesn’t he, or very close by anyway.

wooops! got me “M’s” all confused…

Merckx… the bike is a Merckx…

Yeah…tasty blue one with a chrome fork.

Alvaro’s a nice guy too. I’ve chatted to him randomly in the street a few times, but I always feel guilty because I feel like I’m wasting his earning time.

My favs are;

Degani - Station St Fairfield. I always drop in on the way to DISC on a Sunday morn. There’s also one in Victoria Pde too.

Smiths Gully Bakey - I’ve tweaked up the lady that runs it to make it just the way I like it.

Both of these places also have the killer muffin draw card for me too.

Dench on Pigdon near St Georges is another favourite coffee haunt out Carlton way. They do great coffee and immaculate croissants, none of these bread-like imitations. They also make the best grain bread.

The European and Switchboard in the city, Wall280 in East St Kilda, and MamaDuke in East Caulfield, 'cos it’s my local.

Disclaimer: I’m vegan, so I only care about places that can make a good soy latt?.

80 Spaces; 108 Chapel St, Prahran 3181.

Shame it’s in Prahran.

southside is the best side…

no smelly dreadlocked hippy gurls… our gurls are nicely trimmed wid clean pipes!


I grew up on south Side - Prahran/South Yarra area 25 years

Been living in the north for 3.5 years now.

House sitting back in the south this week.

I have to say, I’m completely unbiased!!

Urban Grind, in Brisbane


although i hear the coffee is not so good there since the staff changed. the beans are damn fine - that ‘oggies blend’ was superbe!