Cog Mag Issue 2

New issue has just arrived at Chez Dutchwallpaper.

If you pick it up its free, if you want it posted out its $5. Sorry, but its not getting any cheaper to ship them over to Australia. Chez D is in Carlton North and i work in the city.

If you want one get in quick, i ran out last time.

Also looking for Oz input for the next one if anyone has any stories/photos. Let me know if your interested.



Interested aswell, how do I get it off you other than post?

old style pickup.

In town or at home. Im in town until 5 today.

In the city? Where? Do I call first?

Interested also. PM me mobby number to organise pickup.

Can you drop me one at mine in Collingwood…?

would like a copy of mag got a phone number so i kan organise payment for postage to brisbane :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, if they haven’t been mailed to bris yet, it might be an idea to do a bulk mail up here.
if a few people want them, i can distribute them here.
let me know

This is one occasion where being slack has paid off!

How many copies do you want? probably get 5-6 in a parcel post for 10 bucks. Im writing this here so other people from Brisbane will chip in!!! Let me know in the next day or so as im off to Perf on Friday night.

shove the 6 in and i’ll send you another 5 bux as soon as you resend your paypal details…
i deleted them by accident.

i wanna get my hands on one! can i meet you in the city thurs?

Im at work all day. PM me to sort it out.

Also can people PM me if they want one? then saves having to check here and i get a nice little reminder email.

got one last night. nice!

Thanks again mate, good stuff :sunglasses:

hey, thanks for hooking us up mate. you rule.

Will take one. Please PM me where to deposit the $5

Thanks again man, this mag kicks!!!

Is the new one better than the first issue? 'Cause seriously, that one was kinda shitty.

Not to discount the great job that’s being done with distro and getting them to people for cheap, much props for that.

Hard to really answer that for you. I felt the first one lacked a lot of words which was made up for with more pictures and feel this balance has been rectified to a degree in this issue. I dont know why you didnt like it so cant say if the tweeks made will appeal to you.