COGS Beer league

Canberra One Gear Society | Mountain - Fixed - Cross - Track - BMX - Commuter - Cruiser … even Recumbent? Has NO details about the upcoming beer league, to be held around Dairy Flat road “precisely mid-to-late morningish” on the day of Sunday 12th June. 6 Beers, 1 league (around 3 miles), Winner holds the bucket for everyone else. I think I will crack out the NIB Grand Bois 30mm tyres for this one.

  • Joel

I am pretty sure it will be 4 beers in 4.8km, starting with a beer and ending in a sprint finish.

Do you know if the reigning champion will be attending?

10am start?

Sweet, I wonder how much beer and riding I can fit in before I have to go to work at 11…

4 beers, and 4.8 + 2x Km of riding, where x is the distance between your house and Dairy flat road.

  • Joel

Will BreakFree be palping a DuraAce 10 equipped hack for the event?

will probably be palping the commuter… you know being on the way to work and all

So Kumo’s framebuilding career started with a chainstay reduction in order to run a pre-cut DA10 chain?

  • Joel

I think it was something more to do with the fact that I am a tall fuck and want a wider choice in the frames I ride.
Also I was lucky with the chain, I have to remove one link to fit it in

This was/is/will be a fun event open to any and all.
If it’s half as fun as the last one it will be an awesome day.

No entry fee
No dress code

Visit rollick for a race report from the first Beer League

Hopefully this will inspire a few lurkers to participate.

10am Sunday 12th
At the north end of Dairy Flat Road

Oh my shit. It’s on again. I’m so excited that this afternoon when I fall asleep at my desk job, I’m pretty certain I’ll wake up from dreaming like a puppy, spinning my legs and sculling my telephone.

Hi all,

As I was not able to attend today’s great event (being 4000+ kilometers away and all) how did it go? Who won? Who lost? Who cried?

Adam won, everyone else lost, but no-one cried.

  • Joel

Joel’s brown pants had everyone worried.

Good wholesome fun though. The Doc would approve.

The real winner yesterday was alcoholism.

Here’s how it went:


I would like to thank all of the good people at Rollick for yet another gripping race report.