Cogs? Steel v Alloy

Always used steel cogs in the past.Looking for something to fit to a beater I’m building ATM.

Found this on evil bay Cog Track Fixie 1/8" x 16T CNC 7075 Alloy + Lock Ring (eBay item 380182491683 end time 23-Nov-10 12:49:02 AEDST) : Sport

Any thoughts from experienced users as to strength longevity?

Cheers dave

I can’t say I know anything about that cog. But what I do know is that a Dura Ace cog is excellent and it is cheaper than that.

+1 stick to what has been proven to work DA, Surly, Phil, EAI. The last thing i would want to be experimenting on is your cog, lockring or chain for that matter.

Buying online or from retailer/store?

Good point from both of you about Quality brand rep.

The only advantage of Alloy is the low weight- good for the velodrome perhaps. Steel is MUCH more durable. Sprockets and cogs in machinery are usually made from steel for a reason…

weight is certainly not an issue on this bike.It’s a PG Cro Mo Shogun frame with a tangaloy fork.Hardy and durable for a beater is my aim.
Steel it is then I’d say.

Readily available online: $15 on Wiggle. $20-$30 on ebay.

These guys make shit out of aluminium because it’s quicker to machine and easier on their tooling, and doesn’t require surface treatment afterward. Not because it’s the best material for the application.

  • Joel

nail on head.

Cheers guys I’m stickin with steel.

yes, stick with steel. CNC’d aluminium will just break teeth off before too long under your monstrous torque