cold setting

need to cold set a steel frame that’s spaced at 130 to 120mm. to keep it relatively square what is the best way to do this?

bro. just respace your hub bro.

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get a baseball bat and smack it!

jokes… sheldon has a good tutorial on doing this here.

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Carry on then. :slight_smile:

pretty much just stand on it (one side at a time) and get it to 120mm

tie a piece of string from dropout to headtube to dropout
then measure the distance from string to seattube
to be sure the triangles are still even, [figure a].

then get a 10mm bolt and bolt it where your axle goes. do one on each side
then measure the bolt ends (which are where the middle of the hub will be)
to ensure the dropouts are even and not twisted in from bending the triangle [figure b]

when you put your wheel in check that the dropout sits flush against the axle nut

dont do this with a non-steel frame or you might die.

figure a

figure b

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LOL good diagrams, makes sense

any compelling reason i shouldnt just space the rear hub? the axle will be long enough.

not really. saves you having to space the next wheel you get? i dunno :smiley:

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i ended up just squishing it on the floor

isnt perfect but isnt too far off dead square

good enough for a commuter

Fuck MacGyver! Sheldon Brown is my hero!! :smiley: :smiley:

 Is this cold setting is A synthetic resin that can harden at normal room temperature without the addition of a hardener.? I am just a little confused about it . Can further more explain it.?

Tool & Die

its just a fancy way of saying ‘hey i just bent my frame to fit a smaller hub’. :evil:

but yes there is also cold-setting synthetic resin.

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