Collection for Grabs (ADL) Scammells

Vintage Bike Collection For Auction. Super Elliott, Colnago etc! | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Norwood Area - Kent Town

Yeah, my mate was telling me about this. That Colnago looks alright. Keen to see the Moser as well.

This seems like one of those situations where I could spend stupid amounts of money in a short period of time and heavily regret it later.

Regret buying bikes? Ate you on the right forum?

Ridiculous prices on there website.

Pretty exxy. (eye bulge)

Gonna check em out tomorrow

Can you take a tape measure and post up some numbers?

Anyone go to this?

Most got passed in as they didn’t reach the reserve. Offers could be made after though. Also they may be auctioned at a later date. IMO the prices were way too high, I mean a Malvern aint no Curly Hetchins or Hobbs

i checked it out, took some crappy photos ill chuck up at some point.

Sight unseen, I thought the Vortex looked cheap ($450 after bid fee)

I watched via their online bidding website, but after patiently waiting for the furniture to finish, I realised I was in the wrong room and the bikes were all gone, no!!!

Picked up a nice hat box though!