i rang up, she wants $500+…i said good luck.

Looks legit, bb cut out etc, campy bits. cash offer might land a bargain.


Colnaga Bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Western Australia - Perth Region | 1035752071

If she wants $500, then why didn’t she put that as the price?

Really needs a Cinello stem.

Edit: something about that cockpit looks crooked.

my thoughts exactly. stupid.

left brake lever is not level.

^ Look at the ends of the drops though, they don’t seem parallel. And the front end shot just looks all crooked.

“never crashed, never dropped”

Bars are bent bro.

I agree with all concerned bent frame/bars and the guys finger looks odd kinda like E.T.

Realign with Photoshop: It seems Kim Kardashian Photoshops her selfies

and now she wants $1800…seriously??..

FOR SALE: 1970’s COLNAGA STEEL FRAME BIKE | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Western Australia - Perth Region | 1038016644

Due to the curve balls in which life throws us it is with great regret i am having to sell what was my brothers pride and joy.

He should have looked after it then.

I’ve had some very ridiculous offers on this bike. I know its worth and i know with the type of gearing it is worth more so please only serious buyers.

You sound like you know a lot about it…Colnaga, Campagnola…

Is it FOAMAFIA pisstake email/message time yet?

I hope life’s curve ball isn’t an $1800 debt, or she’s in over her head.