Colnago Conumdrum

Okay folks, I need some advice.

I am a very lucky fellow have two lovely bikes (although they haven’t been seen in the flesh much recently).

A modern Colnago Primavera, Alloy/carbon with Chorus 11 speed and all the modern conveniences I could reasonably desire. And a 1985 Colnago Master. complete with C-Record.

These are both amazing, but I have a problem. The steel bike is a better fit and has better ride quality, whereas the modern bike is convenient and easy. Neither are ‘bad’ bikes, but I almost never ride the Master.

My initial plan was to get it re-painted and restore the Master to showroom-ish state. That would be a nice project, but I will basically end up with a beautiful ornament and have the ‘better’ bike hanging on my wall, whilst I continue to ride the lesser bike.

Possible plan B: get Master re-painted, and sell the C-Record. Use money to re-build in modern, aesthetically sympathetic components and ride the shit out of the Master, eventually selling the Primavera as it gets progressively more and more dusty.

Or, re-build Master using current Chorus components, but risk the potential for having no bike whilst the builds occur?

Help me, you’re my only hope.

Double Post.

Buy a new bike

Ok of course steel will be more comfy… Why doesn’t the new one fit well? Can’t fix it with different stem/seat height? They are 2 diff bikes for 2 different purposes. You clearly love riding the modern bike so you might as well keep that at is aside from fit, then who cares what you do with the master!!

Roll with the master and chorus. I wouldn’t have my old corsa extra any other way

I was going to say this.

+1 for Chorus on the Master… get Kanye to put it together for you, he’ll be able to do it in a few hours so there’ll be no downtime. Only thing he loves more than talking about Campagnolo is fiddling with it, so that will be a win-win.

I wouldn’t mind having this conundrum.

I feel for you. +1 for Master and chorus

defs chorus on the master, i just put sram force on an old steel greg lemond, new grouppo on nice steel FTW

i dont see the problem

I thought you already did the resto on the master, but now that I think about it you probably just talked about it a lot.

As stated above, the smart thing to do here is put the chorus on the master and ride the shit out of it. Sell the alloy jobbie, keep the c-record for if you ever really have to sell the master.

It’s a conundrum that most people here wouldn’t mind having…

first world problems

cost of a bike build is… one six pac of italian beer since it is an all italian build…
i agree with jono keep the C record incase you want to sell the master…
some info would be needed is the spacing 126mm or 130?
new cable set, chain and bar tape would be a given too…
another option is to get a proper bike fit done on the new bike.
woolies wheels have a BG fit guy whos pretty darn good…!

Zak: Very kind offer mate. Might take you up on it. I may turn up at your place with a 6 pack of Peroni. Pretty sure it’s 130mm.

Jono, I pulled the plug on the frame re-paint due to lack of cash. Just re-booked it. Apparently Star Enamellers will have it ready in 6 weeks!

As problems go, it’s a pretty nice one. Thanks for your help, I’ll throw the chorus on the Master, put the C-record in mothballs and maybe sell the Primavera and Cinelli bits after a bit.


convert them both to fixed

that would result in a punch in the face from rhys not a very good idea!!

Angle grinder bought. Will get rid of those pesky hangers and cable guides. Anyone wanna swap C-Record for an arrospoke and sugino messenger?

I’d be more worried about a kick to the face from Rhys.

Here’s my Master Olympic with contemporary Chorus if that helps your decision (either way)…