Colnago Dream in Mapei Colors 56cm

Looks like the bloke who bought it put it together with his bits and pieces and wants $2000… Are the components worth $1500 considering he bought the frame for around $500?

Colnago Dream Mapei, Shimano Dura Ace 7700 Groupset, Mavic Mach 2 Wheelset | eBay

is that a crack on the dropout / hanger?

Looks like a replaceable hanger.

oh yes, that probably makes more sense.

Its worth what ever someones willing to pay for it, same as in real estate etc.

That’s his good fortune for picking up the frame for good $$ I guess.

I suppose you’re right there…what’s going on with you man? culling from the herd like this?

Well the frame is worth more than $500, so the total figure is a little bit easier to handle.
Having said that there is no way it will go for the $2500.00 figure, although I reckon 1500 might be realistic.
What hurts the value is the mismatched components, which is sort of unforgivable given the asking price. Sante front hub? ‘Polished’ Ultegra cranks? We all know polished is a euphemism for parts that were formally scratched-to-shit.
Why not just finish the build with proper 7700 cranks and then you might get close to the asking figure. Nice tyres though.

No, just a few. Still will have plenty to ride.
Just thinking I want a jet ski again…

Hey Jase, I found a Regal saddle for you, a bargain at $2399 :smiley:

putting on the cheapest possible tubulars you could find is a good way to ensure your bike does not sell for $2399