Colnago gang

what the shit.

^^this guy.

just so happy they arrived^^

Dude want to sell me one.

I am jealous, I bought my first colnago a while ago and fell in love. You have a Colnorgy!

Are two of them the same?

thats bullshit crazy! where the fuck did you hook them up from? you must be either rich or very lucky!

Ah, you’re from New Zealand.

yes, they are brother, 53cm and 54cm! :slight_smile:

im lucky^^

i live in New Zealand

I’d sell a few frames and put it towards nicer furniture but then again I’m old(er) and know what chicks really dig :wink:

apparently bought from the chinese olympic cycling team?

rob an old velodrome, haha ^^

i dont like you


Bru them jandles is o for awesome but what gives with them shitty red braclets and necklace??

hahaha Eric!

sweet mother of god.