Colnago Master Pista

It doesn’t get much hotter does it?

<a href=“”>Here</a>

It is too fashionableee…
its a brand call Futura x Colnago…

What about a shot of the full bike.

i absolutely love it.

the matching cap is genius

but i second a full bike pic… jesus, do we really need all the stupid angles to notice the dots?


Is it me or does that chainring not look round?

That is just plain awesome, I love bright, fun paint jobs.

noop, but I’m guessing they’ve just mucked with the aspect ratio of the pic and thus squashed it…

Very nice,
a touch of Pegoretti perhaps???

‘I’m extraverted, so is my bike’!!!

Is that second last pic of a buckle from a custom messy bag :?

Is it me or does the chain ring not suit the rest of the ride in the slightest?

does anybody else think this colour scheme is fucking gross?

I am sure you wont be the only one thinking along those lines,
This rig is not adding up, fork is drilled for brake but appears to be atrack frame as no braze ons to be seen,
forgive me if I am wrong but has anyonelse seen COLNAGO make a (concept-ish) track bike with drilled forks?? seems odd

Noop, your opinion must therefore be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it’s shite, but I’ll go one step further and say that the whole thing is gross. Given it’s a ‘new’ bike, conceived from the ground up by a group of designers, they’ve made a hash of resolving details like the chainring, the random mix of gold and silver parts, and the ‘matching’ coloured tyres.

It’s a cookie-cutter stereotype of what is allegedly ‘cool’ in fixed gear bikes…

I’m surprised BSNY has not skewered it already (or maybe he has).

PS - Where are the polka-dot grips?

No, it’s brilliant! :mrgreen:

love the stem!

I’ve seen other photos of bikes from the same mob that did this 'nago and they were using the same parts off this build, as if they just chopped and changed bits to get a shot of the frame… meh, whatevers, way nicer complete builds coming outta the fyxomatosis/shifter camps IMO.

as for the colour… anyone for Twisterrrrrrrrrrrrr?

i just looked at the rest of it, and yeah, what shame, eh!? all a silly cliche besides the nice dots. same as the dumbo irish designer living in montreal or wherever bike on FGG recently… all so “once upon a time called now”… too much thinking time has gone into them by people who seem to be stuck on the very outer surface of the reasons to love riding fixed orb. funny bike, blah, aero front wheel, blah, matching disk and frame, blah, matching frame, bag and cap, blah… theyd all be kind of cool if some little punk knocked em up half by accident and with a small budget, but people forming “collaborations” (fuck i love that word, especially when preceeded by megaband) between people who know bikes and people who know art… its not cutting edge, i dont think it adds to either field, at all. we’ve all seen it all before. if teh big thing is “bikes as art/creative vehicle” then what the fuck have we all been doing for the past few years?
but i do like the dots :slight_smile:

Only way to play twister!

I appreciate the time and elegance you put into your response. Its the masters theses equivalent of “that bike looks like balls”